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Cann Global Limited is a driving force in the medical Cannabis industry. Our strength comes from our team’s core competencies and expertise and our solid and strategic partnerships with experts in Australia, Israel and Canada. We believe in building a stronger industry together. We are working under the provision of legislations to ensure that the future in Medical Cannabis and Natural Foods will allow medical practitioners, patients and consumers to gain access to the right information, as well as the safest, most effective and sustainable products. Part of our work is to keep researching and educating. We are part of a worldwide movement, the return to Nature. This movement is more than just a phenomenon, it is a necessity. At Cann Global Limited, we are committed to leading a movement, not just a business.

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Medical Cannabis

For our Medical Cannabis Division, Cann Global Ltd have established a team of renown experts with experience, knowledge, vision and business astuteness. Our strategy is to leverage the intellectual property and management expertise we have in the cannabis sector to become a leader in the distribution of medical cannabis products.

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All Natural Foods

The team at Cann Global Ltd believe food is medicine, and a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy plate. Within our health food division, we provide high-quality plant-based food, packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and we ensure all our products are chemical free and sustainably grown.


ASX Announcements

Latest News

10th December: Cann Global is very pleased to announce that it has secured global rights to “Olivia’s Choice” formulas.

8th December: Cann Global launches its December ASX Operational Update A/V presentation across our SM network!

7th December: Cann Global opened its News & Insights Resource library today.


7th December: Cann Global will soon launch our new Investor/Shareholder info Q & A Forum. More news to follow!

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Professor Dedi Meiri ‘Medical Frontiers of Cannabis’
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