Cann Global Limited (The Company) is an Australian public company listed on the Official List of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: CGB). The Company was admitted to the official list of ASX on 14 January 2008. (Previous ASX code: QBL)

Our Group comprises of 3 separate divisions:

Medical Cannabis Manufacturing – Medical Cannabis Research – All Natural Foods

The Group’s primary focus is to legally grow and cultivate hemp to research and develop medicinal cannabis products to service an increasing demand in the Australian and global markets.

Cann Global Ltd has a 100% shareholding in Medical Cannabis Ltd (MCL) and a management agreement with Medcan Australia Pty Ltd (Medcan) which operate a business cultivating, researching, developing and soon to be distributing medicinal cannabis products in Australia. Our Medical Cannabis division has been a key value driver for the Group.

The Group also retains an interest in its existing Bauxite Projects.

Our Mission

Within our Medical Cannabis division, we aim to be a growing force in cannabis research cultivation and the production of cannabinoid-based agents to develop, register, and commercialise pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid-therapies, products and treatments, to GMP quality standards.

We possess a lawful unique seedbank, developed and enhanced over the past 15 years in Australia. We are currently licensed to possess, cultivate, process, manufacture and supply Cannabis.

We will continue to investigate our seed bank, explore their genetics, cannabinoid ratios, terpene and volatile profiles and other chemical compounds produced by the Cannabis plant, to establish reliable chemovars for the medical research community.

Within our hemp food division, we aim to work together with the government in developing Trade and Industry standards, develop branding of National hemp foods Standards similar to what’s been done with the olive oil industry. We are working hard to create those standards, and to ensure Australian consumers don’t end up buying poor quality products under misleading labelling. We are creating a product we can be proud to sell because we have followed all the steps from farmers to plate to ensure that it is of the best quality and at the best price.

Our Knowledge

Andrew Kavasilas is recognised for pioneering work and his name is synonymous within the fledgling Australian hemp growing industry and medical Cannabis research.  Andrew is the founder and technical director of Medical Cannabis Ltd and Vitahemp Pty Ltd. His work in the hemp industry goes back two decades when he was growing industrial hemp under state permits back in 1999. He has been a strong advocate for cannabis law reform for years and he played an important role in the legalisation of hemp seed food.

Our Difference

The Group has two vertically integrated business from ‘seed to consumer’ in medicinal cannabis in addition to a fully vertically operated business in the nutritional hemp industry. Our two vertical integrations will effectively capture greater profits across the value chain.

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