Vitaseeds is our hemp seed farming division. At Vitaseeds, we work with some of the most carefully selected and innovative growers in Australia.

One such grower is Mike Nagorka from Waltanna Farms, Victoria. Waltanna Farms are our partners in the Waltanna Hemp Group (WHG). They are in their fifth generation of flax farming and have a rich history that dates back to the 1880’s. Waltanna Farms are currently Australia’s largest Flax Seed grower and processing group.

In New South Wales, another one of our main growers is Stuart Larsson from Mara Seeds. Stuart has run the family owned business since 1967. Mara Seeds are an Australian award winning farming business specialising in seed oils and are one of Australia’s largest Soyabean growers. Mara Seeds were awarded ‘Primary producer of the Year’ in 2017. They strictly follow organic farming methods and are “carbon smart” farmers.

Hemp plants are monitored frequently to gauge a number of agronomic variables such as plant height and density, plant nutrient levels, flowering and pollination characteristics, and each variety’s response to irrigation, pest, disease and weed pressures.

Our aim is to become Australia’s leading hemp seed grower and to establish standards for all hemp growers throughout Australia.

We have established international partnerships and through these partnerships are able to bring strong hemp growers’ expertise and experience to the table.

All of our farmers and farms, follow strict protocols and follow sustainable farming guidelines to ensure that we always bring the best quality hemp seed product to the consumers’ plate.

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