Board & Management

Pnina Feldman
Pnina FeldmanExecutive Chairperson (CGB)
Executive Chairperson and CEO of ASX listed companies over the last 20 years. Pnina Feldman was the first woman in Australia to publicly list a mining company, be the chairperson, CEO and the largest shareholder. She has been instrumental in establishing, financing and developing numerous publicly listed, publicly unlisted and private companies. Pnina was the first to receive the Wentworth Community Award from the then member for Wentworth, and former Prime Minister, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, for Outstanding Community Service.
Sholom Feldman
Sholom FeldmanManaging Director (CGB)
Experience as a managing director and company secretary for a number of publicly listed companies and private companies since 1999. Responsible for financing and managing multiple mining projects across various commodities. Sholom studied at the International MBA programme at Bar Ilan University Israel and is Managing Director and Company Secretary of Queensland Bauxite Limited (ASX:QBL).

Interview with Sholom Feldman – Cann Global’s relisting to the market

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Andrew Kavasilas
Andrew KavasilasExecutive Director (MCL)
Andrew is the founder and a director of Medical Cannabis Limited. He is also secretary of the Australian HEMP Party. Andrew has had a long and in-depth association with hemp growing and the research of the therapeutic properties of Cannabis. In 2001/02, Andrew was the only grower in Australia/NSW permitted to cultivate high THC Cannabis for trials. The trials led Andrew to publish his research in 2004, Medical Uses of Cannabis – Information for Medical Practitioners. He is a regular participant at numerous Parliamentary Inquiries on medical and other Cannabis related law reform issues.

Interview with Andrew Kavasilas – Medicinal Cannabis History

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John Easterling
John EasterlingIndependent Director (MCL)
John Easterling has experience in developing therapeutical products from plants, including many years of experience in Cannabis cultivation and products. He founded the Amazon Herb Company in 1990 with his product formulations generating over $100m in revenue worldwide. John has bred a dozen new genetics from the Cannabis plant and his focus is on formulating a broad range of cannabinoid and terpene profiles for therapeutic benefits. He married Olivia Newton-John in 2008 and shares her passion in supporting the continuing growth of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne. John is an advocate for legislation reform in Australia to allow for wider access for medical Cannabis.

Interview with John Easterling – Cann Global’s Ethnobotanist and N.E. Director

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Craig Cochran
Craig CochranChief Executive Officer and Co-Founder (Medcan Australia)
Craig has more than 20 years experience developing businesses from inception through to maturity. As an early mover in the Australian Medicinal Cannabis industry, Craig has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of current legislation, licensing and regulation. With a network of contacts through Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA, Craig has an ear to the ground understanding of both local and international medicinal Cannabis market trends, business models and access pathways. He also has extensive experience in HVAC, Electrical/Automation design and engineering and project management.
Gareth Ball
Gareth BallBusiness Development and Marketing and Co-Founder (Medcan Australia)
Gareth has been involved in a number of start-up companies. He currently owns 3 companies in Australia and 1 in the USA in the sports marketing and event management field. He was first exposed to the Cannabis industry over 10 years ago during a trip to Colorado. Gareth is highly skilled in contract negotiations, inventory management, yield maximization, business operations, business to business sales and commercial management.

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