With a vertically integrated model Medcan Australia will Cultivate, Produce and Manufacture high quality medicinal cannabis products for both clinical trials and individual patient access under a management agreement with Cann Global Limited.  Their automated cultivation processes are designed to ensure consistent results so consumers are assured the quality, composition and reliability of their supply.

Medcan was one of the first medicinal Cannabis companies to receive an ODC Production License and is licensed to legally grow and cultivate both high THC and high CBD products in Australia.

Medcan has secured the following ODC, Federal and State Licenses:

  • ODC Cultivation and Production Licence
  • ODC Manufacture Licence
  • ODC Import Licence
  • ODC Export Licence
  • DAWR (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) Permit
  • QLD Health Licence – Schedule 9 Substances

Medcan plans to produce a range of products;

  • Medicinal Cannabis dried flower
  • Full extract oil
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules

Medcan Australia believe Medicinal Cannabis is not simply a “one pill suites all” solution. Individual patients have specific needs and requirements and we aim to provide a specific product based on a patient’s specific set of circumstances.

Medcan have secured a DA approved production and cultivation facility with capacity up to 6,500kg per annum. Fit out of facility, and production readiness is expected by mid-2019.


Would you like to know more?   T12.com.au.