Medical Cannabis Limited (MCL) operates in both the industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis industries. MCL’s subsidiaries are Vitaseeds Pty Ltd (growing and cultivating), Hemp Hulling Co (retail products – processing), Vitahemp Pty Ltd (retail products – marketing) and Vitacann Pty Ltd (medical research). MCL was incorporated in 2015 and has since become one of Australia’s premier hemp Companies.

Our team here at Medical Cannabis Ltd, led my Mr Andrew Kavasilas, has been researching the benefits of Medical Cannabis for over 2 decades. Cannabinoids are internationally recognised to reduce or alleviate symptoms or even treat certain diseases. While it is now widely discussed in the mainstream media, there is a still a lot of confusion surrounding this plant. Although medical cannabis seems to be introduced as a new form of therapy, it has been used by many cultures for millennia. Medical evidence has been collected over many years, but its use became prohibited in 1937. To reintroduce a safe use and access to this medicinal plant, it is important that we continue to do research, clinical trials and to educate medical practitioners about the therapeutic benefit of Cannabis.


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