VitaCann and CannTab will work towards having Canntab’s tablets formally approved for sale in Australia and to export to Asia. Pursuant to recent and evolving legislation in Australia, the Canntab product should qualify for approval, as it should meet all the standard medical requirements that would be expected by the medical industry.

The Canntab – VitaCann JV has intellectual property licensed by Canntab, with access now to MCL’s Australian Cannabis strains, and six filed patents protecting the Extended Release Tablets™ (XR).

Patents for different formulations targeted at specific ailments have already been filed with the Canadian Patent Office.

Canntab’s proprietary extended release tablets make it easier for doctors and patients to manage dosage. They’re easier to take, eliminate social stigma, and do not have the adverse side effects of smoking Cannabis.

Canntab XR Extended ReleaseTablets

Canntab XR Tablets have been designed to pharmaceutical standards to offer both uniform dosage in every tablet, and effective relief released over time. Unlike other delivery mechanisms, our extended release formulation is designed to offer consistent and stable relief over several hours. For the first time doctors and patients don’t have to worry about the inconsistencies of medicinal ingredient delivery that come with smoking or edibles.

Our range of extended release tablets are proven effective at treating ailments such as sleep disorders, pain, PTSD, social anxiety, and arthritis, as well as being an effective treatment for the pain management and appetite loss associated with cancer treatments.


A full body relaxing effect that helps both relieve pain and insomnia. The high THC levels in this tablet are released in a consistent manner over several hours, making dosage management easier and effective for both medical professionals and patients.


Often prescribed for patients suffering from mood disorders, anorexia, or who are going through addiction therapy. The effects of our THC Sativa tablet are uplifting and energizing without the full body effect which make it a perfect solution for daytime therapy.


Made from an equal mixture of THC Sativa and CBD. Each enhances the positive effects of the other, such as pain relief and calming, while decreasing the negative psychoactive effects associated with higher levels of THC.


Features a mixture of THC Sativa at low levels combined with CBDs, this green tablet helps patients who have social anxiety to “take the edge off the day.” Patients will feel a calming effect and reduced anxiety, without the psychoactive euphoric effects of higher THC tablets.


Contains 100% CBDs, with no THC. CBDs are particularly good for the relief of arthritic pain and have been shown to have a positive effect on seizure symptoms from ailments such as epilepsy and MS. With no THC, there is no euphoric, or psychoactive effects.

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