Our hemp cultivation and processing division includes hulling in Australia, and broad-acre industrial CBD hemp cultivation and processing in Asia where growing conditions are ideal.  Cann Global also owns an extensive cannabis seed bank.

Hemp Hulling In Australia

Cann Global operates a state-of-the-art hemp seed hulling facility in Australia.

What distinguishes us from other hemp food companies are our high-quality processing standards. Quality has been an issue in the hemp seed food industry with inadequately processed hulled seeds found in the market place High end processing is more expensive than mass production but quality-products are an important part of our aim to deliver the best quality products to our customer. Customer satisfaction is key to our success creating long-term revenue and profitability.

Over the past few years, Cann Global have redesigned, modified, upgraded and up-scaled it’s operations and the processing facility has undergone a major refit enabling a 60–80-ton outflow per month of raw hemp seed, whilst maintaining a very high standard of finished product.

Hemp Cultivation & Processing In Asia

Cann Global Thailand, a 55% owned joint venture with Cann Global, is involved in broad-acre industrial CBD hemp cultivation and processing in Asia where growing conditions are ideal.

Cann Global Thailand is involvedin the development and sale of auto-flowering CBD hemp seeds which are used for propagation.  Warmer growing conditions allow for the outdoor cultivation of CBD hemp all year round.

Cann Global Thailand has entered into a contracting agreement to provide technical support to AA Bio for its hemp cultivation.  The hemp cultivated will then be provided to a research and development program with Uttaradit Rajabaht University.

Cann Global Thailand is providing other Thai companies with technical support, extraction services and international sales services.  The ideal growing conditions in Thailand coupled with the low production cost of CBD hemp, is enabling the production of high quality wholesale and retail products at a highly competitive price.